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Puta tu madre in english

If you aren't of the proper age for your area, please visit our.
Your mother is really old-fashioned tu madre se enrolla fatal exp.
More by Other dictionary words Spanish More translations in the Thai-English dictionary.Back to the top Huevos, cojones, pelotas Huevos literally means "eggs" and pelotas are "balls but these words are also slang for "testicles" (cojones).Me cago en su puta madre.Cow shit Caquita de la vaquita I shit in your milk Cago en tu leche I shit in your whore anuncios mujeres limpieza mother's milk Yo cago en la leche de tu puta madre Shit Mierda Shit I've had bad luck!I wish you the best for your Spanish language studies and hope you see you return soon!Back to the top, puta, puta is short for prostituta.Fuera de aquí, a la puta calle!
Here are a few useful expressions, but don't be surprised if you hear testicles mentioned in other contexts!
Puto vulgar (indica enfado) damned, goddamned, goddamn ( petit chien piano vulgar ) fucking ( UK: slightly vulgar ) bleedin bloody ( US: slightly vulgar ) frickin freakin freaking Dónde está el puto control remoto?Get out of my fucking house!The meaning is similar to the English "Yeah, right!" or "No way!" but a bit ruder.However I don't think any native Spanish speaker would use that particular construction to insult anybody.This is our extreme list of Spanish swear words and insults.( slang ) Holy shit!When it comes right down to it, this page will pretty much teach you anything your formal Spanish teacher didn't - so long as we are talking about swearing, cursing, cussing, extreme insulting, or just plain talking obscenely.Your mum is so uncool ve a buscar a tu madre exp.

La puta que te parió!
Profesor, eres la puta madre!